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Partners & Advisors

Project Advisory Board

Larry Adelman
Co-Director, California Newsreel

Toni Antonucci
Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

Scott Ball
Urban Architect, Duany Plater-Zyberk Architects and Town Planners (DPZ)

Lisa Berkman
Director, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies

Donna Butts
Executive Director, Generations United

Laura Carstensen
Director, Stanford Center on Longevity

Jennie Chin Hansen
Chief Executive Officer, American Geriatrics Society and past President of AARP

James Jackson
Director, Institute for Social Research at

University of Michigan

Dennis Mccullough, Md
Associate Professor of Community and

Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes
Director, Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College

Jack Rowe, MD
Director, MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society; Professor, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Phil Stafford
Director, Center on Aging and Community at Indiana University

Marta Tienda
Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs Princeton University


We continue to grow our public engagement and consulting partnerships:

The Administration on Aging
Washington, D.C.

Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlanta, GA

Civic Ventures
San Francisco, CA

Communities for All Ages
Philadelphia, PA

Corporate Voices for Working Families
Washington, D.C.

Creating Aging-Friendly Cities
Alamo, CA

Eons.Com – The Online Community for Boomers
Boston, MA

Indiana University Center on Aging and Community
Bloomington, IN

MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society
New York, NY and Chicago, IL

National Council on Aging
Washington, D.C.

Next Avenue
Washington D.C.

Sloan Center on Aging & Work
Boston College, Boston, MA

Stanford Center on Longevity
Stanford University, Stanford, CA