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Where We Live

Our vision of where we live as an aging society is already changing. We begin with a look at the suburbs, where 75% of older Americans live. And the suburbs are where they say they want to stay to “age in community,” near people and places they know. But that presents huge challenges. For one – suburban life depends on the car. Yet data shows most people live 8-10 years beyond their ability to drive. How do we reconcile this?

One of the most ambitious transformations is happening twelve miles outside of Atlanta, in Mableton, Georgia. Lifelong Mableton is one of 14 Administration on Aging pilot projects nationwide. Launched by the Atlanta Regional Commission, an Area Agency on Aging, it will re-shape Mableton’s traditional suburban design to create a community that promotes social engagement, is walkable, and offers services and a sense of place for a diverse intergenerational population. A vision desired by Boomers and Millennials alike.

It’s a bold 40-year plan – but changes have already begun. Even in challenging economic times, it’s one vision for the future. And it’s doable.

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The New Road

The New Road - Even before construction began on Lifelong Mableton, there had been years of work – creating a vision, designing a plan, changing zoning laws and changing minds. "That’s the hard part,” says Cathie Berger, Atlanta Regional Commission.

Roy's Story

Roy's Story - “Home is not just a house, but an accomplishment. It’s about homemaking…in its more basic sense as dwelling, belonging.” (Phil Stafford, Elderburbia: Aging with a Sense of Place in America)

Place Matters

Place Matters - “How can communities make changes that help people stay independent and thrive much longer?” (Laura Keyes, Atlanta Regional Commission)


Lifelong Communities

For more on Lifelong Mableton and a Lifelong Communities Handbook, visit the Atlanta Regional Commission’s website


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Phil Stafford, Indiana University Professor and author of Elderburbia: Aging with a Sense of Place in America

Phil Stafford, Author, Elderburbia: Aging with a Sense of Place in America, is one of the nation’s leading thought leaders on livable communities for all ages.