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Welcome to a first look at some of the ideas, research and stories we will be exploring in this public television project.

What will it mean for us all to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? Never in human history has this been our reality. And it's not just Americans. Europe, China, Japan - we are an aging globe. It's new and it's not temporary - this is a permanent historic transformation.

In 1900, life expectancy for Americans was 47. Today it's three decades longer.

If you reach the age of 65, you have an 80% chance of living until at least 85.

Cities are considered more age-friendly than suburbs. Yet older suburban households have tripled since 1970.

When does old age begin? 18-29 year-olds say it begins at 60. People 65+ say at 74.

30% of 18-29 year-olds expect to be lonely in old age. Only 17% of older adults report they're lonely.

In 1950, there were 8 working-age people for each person 65+. In 2050, there will be only 3.

75% of older adults (65+) have annual incomes, including Social Security, of less than $34,000.

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